Darwin Triple Crown Preview

Published: 14 June 2017
After 3 weekends off, we hit the track again.
After 3 weekends off, we hit the track again.

Pictured: After 3 weekends off, we hit the track again.

It’s been three weekends away from the track, but we are back in action with the sunshine in Darwin calling our name.

It’s going to be a stark contrast to wintery Winton last start, with the temperature gauge expected to hit 31 degrees for all three days.

That’s going to mean the action will be hot on and off the track.

Saturday will see a 120km, 42 lap race, while Sunday’s journey is 200km, equating to 70 laps around the Hidden Valley Raceway.

It wasn’t much of a break for anyone in the team, with all hands on deck over the three weeks, working hard to continue our development and find progression in the car.

The goals are realistic, but it’s important to work on consistent and improved performance over the weekend.

The Hidden Valley circuit is 2.9km of fast, flowing racetrack.

The long main straight provides plenty of opportunity to pass into the double left hander; keep an eye out for cars diving in there across the weekend.

The heat means it’s also going to be a test for the drivers, both mentally and physically.

There is no respite up there, with cabin temperatures expected to climb north of the 50-degree mark… it’s hot in there!

This weekend also marks the return of the top 10 shootout for the Sunday race, which is the first time we have seen it since the opening round in Adelaide.

All running this weekend will be on the super-soft tyre, which has the white writing on the sidewall.

Let’s get to work.

Mathew Nilsson - Acting General Manager of Motorsport

“I can’t fault the morale of the whole team, everyone has just been going about their business and focussed on their roles and responsibilities.”

“It’s a good place to work and everyone is positive. I can’t fault anyone’s efforts.

“Departments are going to every extra effort to help with that process. There’s no lack of effort going in. Everyone is doing all we can to improve.

“Our development is continuing and we’re looking at all opportunities to improve the car.

“To be seen to make progress with our car speed is the goal this weekend.

“That’s not always where you qualify or finish, it’s about the gap to the cars at the front.

“We want to come away with a consistent performance and be happy we’ve made progress with the car and achieved the results we’re capable of achieving.

“There’s no point going in with expectations that are too high. We’ve got to be realistic about where we’re at and just make solid progress.”