All Roads Lead to Darwin

Published: 13 June 2018
Scott Pye is looking to move into the top 5 of the Championship.
Scott Pye is looking to move into the top 5 of the Championship.

Pictured: Scott Pye is looking to move into the top 5 of the Championship.

The Darwin sunshine is calling our name; after a few weekends off, it’s time to hit the track in the top end at Hidden Valley Raceway.

We’ve had three weekends to catch our breath and regroup after a frantic start to 2018, but now it’s time to hone in on the next part of the year, continuing the momentum we have built.

The mercury is expected to land on 31 every day we are there, a stark contrast to our last round at Winton.

There’s certainly no escaping the heat in the cockpit either. Last year, cabin temperatures peaked at 65 degrees during the race, so driver recovery on Saturday night is critical before doing it all again on Sunday.

It’s a super sprint round, which means a 120km race Saturday, followed by a 200km race Sunday. The top-10 shootout returns on Sunday for the first time since Adelaide.

In terms of the track, it’s fast and flowing. The front straight is 1.1kms long, which means a huge passing opportunity into turns one and two.

Scott Pye’s results at Winton highlighted the qualifying gains that have been made this year, inside the top 6 on both days. That’s a key focus again this weekend.

After a stomach bug made JC’s Winton weekend very testing, he is back to full health, ready to go.

We roll out Friday morning for practice 1.

Scott Pye

“I can’t wait to get back out there. Winton was such a strong event for us, with a second and a sixth, so I’ve been itching to get back in the seat.

“We are making good progress this year, but the job isn’t done. Everyone has worked hard over the break to keep moving forward, so hopefully we see that this weekend.

“We are in a good position in the championship at the moment, so fingers crossed this weekend we can bank another haul of points and keep moving up the leader board into the top 5.

“Going up to Darwin is always a blast. The weather is good, the crowd is great, and the track is a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to this one.”

James Courtney

“It’ll be nice to get back out there, that’s for sure.

“Obviously Winton wasn’t ideal for me, missing the Friday, but I’m back, feeling better, and ready to go again.

“The mid-season break has given everyone a chance to freshen up, so now it’s time to attack the next part of the year.

“Who doesn’t love going to Darwin, it’s awesome up there. I can’t wait to get back out there and behind the wheel.”