The Prebrief: Sydney SuperNight 2

Published: 05 November 2021
Night racing returns across both Saturday and Sunday this weekend.
Night racing returns across both Saturday and Sunday this weekend.

Pictured: Night racing returns across both Saturday and Sunday this weekend.

It’s week two of the Sydney swing, and we are getting ready for more racing under lights, this time, across both days!

Week 1 had its ups and downs, but everyone has been working hard all week to ensure we roll out in a competitive position for practice 1 on Saturday morning.

Kurt Kostecki will join the field this weekend in the No. 27, his third wildcard appearance of the season.

What's New

The mixed tyre format returns this weekend, meaning both the hard tyre and soft tyre will be used.

We get three sets of softs and three sets of hards for the weekend. Both compounds must be used in each race, for example if you start a race on the hard tyre, you have to switch to the soft at some stage.

The one to watch will be qualifying. With a three-part knockout session on Saturday, and two sessions on Sunday, you won’t have access to a new set of softs each run, so when to use them to advance will be key.


We’re back to a two-day event, which starts with two practice sessions Saturday morning, before a three-part knockout qualifying session Saturday afternoon, and a 32-lap race under lights Saturday night.

On Sunday, we return for back-to-back qualifying sessions that set the grid for the two races, the first of which starts at 4:25pm, and the second under lights in prime time from 7:30pm.

How to Watch

Every lap will be live on Fox Sports and Kayo.

For full broadcast times, CLICK HERE.


Looks like we are going to need the wets! There is a small chance of rain on Saturday, but as it currently stands, an afternoon storm on Sunday will make things interesting.

Chaz Mostert

“Looking forward to getting back out there this weekend. We had a heap of data to work our way through from the weekend, which has been good to look through.

“It’s not often you can get back out on the same track a week later, so really excited to see what we can achieve from Saturday.

“If the rain arrives like it’s meant to on Sunday, the night race will definitely be one to watch, make sure you are tuned in.”

Bryce Fullwood

“It was a disappointing first weekend, but everyone was straight back to the track on Monday morning to get back to work and improve, which was really cool to see.

“I’m really keen to get out there this weekend and see what we can do, nothing like only having to wait a few days to do it all again.”

Kurt Kostecki

“Really excited to get back behind the wheel of the No. 27 this weekend. The new livery looks awesome in the flesh, so it’ll be a standout.

“Obviously we are coming in with one less week of laps than the field, but it was awesome to be around the team in the garage at the first event so I think that’ll definitely help.

“It’ll be a big weekend, with not much time to take a breath but I can’t wait.”