Sunday Debrief: Perth SuperNight

Published: 01 May 2022
We head to Winton next.
We head to Winton next.

Pictured: We head to Winton next.

Race 11

Chaz: 12th
Nick: 18th

Both cars were able to move forward during the 46-laps, with Chaz up nine spots and Nick up six.

Chaz’s tyre life was pretty good in this one, rewarding the undercut.

Nick was in a fight until the end, and could have easily had a few more places late if luck went his way.

Race 12

Nick: 15th
Chaz: 19th

Nick was one of the first cars to stop, and despite a late safety car on lap 42/46, he was able to make the strategy work, gaining 10-places from his starting position.

Chaz was also having his own battles, with no radio back to the crew. He stopped later than Nick, but could only get as high as 19th.

Chaz Mostert

“It was a bit of a handful this weekend that’s for sure. There wasn’t a nut or bolt we didn’t touch on the 25.

“Love this team, love the hard work everyone was prepared to do, to turn it around this weekend. We’ve got a test day now before the next event so we can’t wait for that.

“Thanks to all our fans and partners who have our backs, through thick and thin.”

Nick Percat

“Definitely a tricky weekend that’s for sure. We tried a lot of things today, had some big swings at it, so we weren’t going down without a fight. Wasn’t our weekend but I appreciate how hard everyone was working.

“We’ve got a test day when we get back to Melbourne so that will be really important to turning it around before Winton up next. Thanks to everyone for their support, especially this weekend.”