Disappointing Night 1 in Perth

Published: 03 May 2019
Barbagallo at dusk.
Barbagallo at dusk.

Pictured: Barbagallo at dusk.

An unsatisfactory day and night in Perth resulted in Scott Pye finishing 16th and James Courtney 25th in race 11 for Mobil 1 MEGA Racing in Perth.

Pye fought hard to move forward six spots, but a puncture on lap 1 due to contact ruled JC out of challenging for any position.

It rounded out what was a tough day and evening for the entire team.

Holistically, the grip level required to challenge was not there on either car, especially in qualifying.

James set the 20th quickest time, while Scott was 22nd, which meant the first night race of the year was going to be a challenge.

Scott stopped earlier than most and did a good job looking after the tyre late.

After having to stop for a new front right tyre, JC went as long as possible in the race as we hoped for a safety car. When that didn’t come, he stopped with a handful of laps to go to complete the required tyre stop.

He broke the lap record with two laps remaining, but it was little consolation.

Today’s results were not acceptable, and we will be doing everything in our power to address it and rectify it tomorrow.