Sunday Debrief: NTI Townsville 500

Published: 07 July 2024
P3 for Chaz and P6 for Ryan, not a bad way to end the weekend.
P3 for Chaz and P6 for Ryan, not a bad way to end the weekend.

Pictured: P3 for Chaz and P6 for Ryan, not a bad way to end the weekend.

It’s been a fantastic Sunday in Townsville, with Chaz going two for two on the podium front, while Ryan Wood had a very mature drive to bring home a P6, up from P12.

It was a solid qualifying session for Ryan, missing joining Chaz in the Top 10 Shootout by 0.03, starting P12, a great improvement overnight.

The shootout didn’t go to plan for the Mobil 1 Optus Racing No. 25, unable to fully maximise the lap with roaded tyres, dropping down to P8 for the race.

Starting a little further back than we liked, both drivers pushed early for track position picking up car by car.

We opted for the three-stop strategy which meant stopping more often than the field but pushing harder in the stints.

Chaz pitted early, Ryan followed suit with a smaller fuel load to come out on track right behind Chaz, moving forward together.

Both the Mobil 1 Optus Racing No. 2 and the Mobil 1 Truck Assist Racing No. 25 were the some of the fastest cars out on the track, passing cars quickly right until the end.

Ryan ran a long third stint which meant he would have a tyre advantage over the entire field towards the end of the race, moving up to cross the line P6.

In a dejavu moment, with a couple laps to go Chaz caught up to Cam in P2 but ultimately didn’t have the pace to get the second spot on the podium, so would have to settle for third.

It’s been an awesome day for the entire team with a podium across every category with a third from Chaz, a second for Zach Bates in Super2 and Matt Hillyer in the GR Cup.

A massive thank you to all of our partners, we wouldn’t be able to go racing without you, bring on Sydney SuperNight.

Ryan Wood

That was such a fun race, the car was absolutely hooked up, it was one of the most fun races I’ve had which sounds weird for sixth but it was so cool, so thankful for what the team have done!

Really proud of the team this weekend, we’ve really turned these cars around from where they rolled out on Friday.

Congrats to Chaz and team on the double podium as well, really nice way to head to Sydney, and a cool weekend representing Truck Assist and NTI!

Chaz Mostert

“An awesome weekend here in Townsville, a second and a third, can’t complain about that after where we rolled out at the beginning of the weekend.

“Anytime you get a trophy in this championship is great, I had a lot of fun in the battles across the weekend.

“We have learnt a lot about our cars this weekend, no doubt there’s more we can learn as we head into Sydney in a couple weeks time.”