John Coates founded the company in 1885 to support Victoria’s growing gold-rush cities – and they’ve been supporting Australian industry ever since.

From their early days importing and manufacturing machinery, they evolved into an equipment hire firm and helped pioneer the rental business in Australia.

As they continued to expand their fleet to service the booming mining, infrastructure and construction industries, Coates Hire became the nation’s largest equipment hire company.

But they don’t just provide the tools and machinery. They provide an end-to-end solution – equipment rental and specialist engineering, industrial and training services, all under one roof.

So today, their name has changed to Coates.

Because they’re not just the country’s leading equipment hire company.

They’re also a company of problem-solvers. A well-oiled machine of engineers, installation experts, shutdown managers and trainers, equipped to take on any challenge.

From equipment hire and temporary works engineering to industrial shutdowns and training, you can trust Coates to provide equipment and expertise, whenever and wherever you need it.

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