Isuzu Trucks

Isuzu Trucks

At Isuzu Trucks there’s a simple philosophy behind their people, service, and trucks—Reliability is everything. And it’s how they’ve been Australia’s number-one truck for over 33 years.

Their Story: One in every four new trucks sold in Australia is an Isuzu. So how have they become the Great Southern Land’s leading truck since 1989?

Reliability is everything: Their job is to help their customers get on with their jobs. Combining industry-leading reliability, serious smarts, and a long history of engine expertise, they build trucks that are unbeatable workhorses designed for Australia’s unique conditions.

Their vision: They aim to be unquestionably number one in Australia’s truck and engine market.

Their Mission: To be the trusted partner leading in whole-of-life solutions for our customers. Their work doesn’t end when the tyres hit the road—from their in-house Customer Care Centre to their extensive range of service programs, they’re committed to supporting the businesses that rely on their trucks.

Their Promise: Their promise is to deliver a premium product to the Australian market. The measure of their commitment is reflected in the number of trucks bearing their marque, and the number of successful companies that rely on Isuzu products every day.

Their People: It’s the people that make the company. Their team is committed to supporting Australian businesses and their transport requirements.

Their Operations: From the trucks on Australian roads to their helpful team across the country, you don’t have to look far to find them.

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