Motum Simulation

Motum Simulation

Motum Simulation was founded in 2012 by experienced racing engineer Steve Hoinville, who has over 20 years' experience in vehicle dynamics with some of the biggest brands in the automotive and racing industries. He believes that quality motion simulation should be widely accessible for driver training, and not just for Formula 1 drivers and pilots.

Underpinning this vision, Motum’s highly experienced team of engineers have created True Motion™ technology to remove motion imperfections, utilising Motum’s patented 6DOF (6 degrees of freedom) motion base, with its principles used within all of Motum Simulation's solutions. The MP6-VR accurately reproduces a driving experience that has been used and endorsed by motor racing engineers and drivers across major racing categories including V8 Supercars, Porsche Motorsport, F1, F3 and GT Endurance racing.

The Team use the Motum MP6-VR Supercar and GT Simulator to not only help replicate the on-track experience for drivers, but as an engineering tool to develop the car.

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