Saturday Debrief: Perth SuperNight

Published: 30 April 2022
Sunday sees two more races.
Sunday sees two more races.

Pictured: Sunday sees two more races.

Nick: 21st
Chaz: 22nd

Not much to say about this one other than it’s not where we need to be. A tough day all round, on both sides of the garage.

Chaz qualified in 23rd and Nick 25th, with both cars just not having the balance or speed required at this track.

Starting off the back was always going to make it a difficult night, but we didn’t have what was required to make any serious ground.

We will be throwing everything we can at it overnight to try and improve in tomorrow’s two races.

Chaz Mostert

“As I said after qualifying, I love this team, and we will keep trying. We’re definitely not giving up this weekend, so we will see what we can find overnight to improve.”

Nick Percat

“Tough day no doubt for everyone here, we’re all hurting but no one is throwing the towel in, everyone is working bloody hard to find some speed, so we’ve just got to keep our heads down tonight and keep working.”