Phillip Island 500 Saturday Wrap

Published: 22 April 2017
Tyre problems plagued both cars.
Tyre problems plagued both cars.

Pictured: Tyre problems plagued both cars.

Well, that was a disaster.

The day started off promising, with James in the top 10 in qualifying, and Scotty unlucky not to be in there as well.

The boys were confident their race pace was good, it was just a matter of keeping their nose clean early.

That didn’t go to plan, as JC got pushed off at turn two on lap one in the argy-bargy.

It got worse.

Like the majority of the field, we had tyre failures with the two right rears delaminating on each car, forcing the boys to visit pit lane a lot more than planned. It was an issue right up and down pit lane.

That derailed the entire afternoon. It turned into 250 kilometres of conservation, rather than a race.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse, they did.

On lap 39, Cam Waters got right up into the rear bumper of JC’s car #22, sending him off into the gravel, and forcing a safety car.

From there, both Scott and James were able to nurse the cars home, making sure the tyres lasted, keeping the cars as straight as possible.

Scott crossed the line in 17th position, while James ended up 21st.

It was a day we’d like to forget as quickly as possible. Let’s hope tomorrow brings some better fortune and a clean race.

From the bosses desk

Adrian Burgess

“Clearly not the best day for us as a team. We didn’t qualify too badly, we were around the back of the top 10, but in the race there is clearly a tyre issue with the category.

“We had two failures with each car. I’ve just come out of a commission meeting where we discussed what we are going to do tomorrow to make it safer and put on a show.

“There is a whole heap of things we are going to look at.

“For us, we need to dial more car speed into the car to make sure we give the drivers a setup that can last the whole race.

“Not a great day for the sport or as team. We will make some changes as a category and make some changes as a team overnight.”