Winton SuperSprint Preview

Published: 17 May 2017
The Perth weather won’t follow us to Winton.
The Perth weather won’t follow us to Winton.

Pictured: The Perth weather won’t follow us to Winton.

It’s time to get back on track, as we head up the Hume Highway with Winton Raceway plugged into the GPS.

The forecast is predicting a wet and wild affair, with heavy rain expected for both Friday and Saturday, with possible showers Sunday.

That’s going to mean an unpredictable track that is constantly changing, so expect to see a variety of strategies up and down pitlane throughout the weekend.

At just three kilometres long with 12 corners, Winton is a tight and tricky track.

It’s not the long-loaded corners we have experienced at Phillip Island, or even to a degree Perth, it has more 90 degree turns with not much rest between… the boys are in for a busy weekend at the wheel.

JC will return to chassis 20 this weekend, the chassis he and Jack Perkins won the Gold Coast 600 in, in 2015.

The guys in the workshop have done a fantastic job getting that done in a very short period of time, with the truck only arriving back from Perth late last week.

Qualifying will be critical, as track position will be king on a tight and twisty track.

Saturday’s race will be 120km, which equates to 40 laps, while Sunday will be a 67 lap, 200km race.

All running will once again be on the super soft Dunlop tyre, which has the white writing on the sidewall.

Mathew Nilsson – Acting General Manager of Motorsport

“It will be great to get back on track this weekend, getting back to racing.

“For us, it’s a back to basics approach. We must do the basics right, and do them well.

“We know this isn’t going to be an overnight fix, but it’s important for us to move forward, and start making progression up the field with some strong race results.

“We have complete faith in the team we have here, and we know they are going to give everything they have to regain that speed. Everyone is certainly in this together with the same goals in mind.

“In typical Winton fashion, it’s going to be wet and cold, which will make for an interesting, and unpredictable weekend of racing.