Winton Sunday Wrap

Published: 21 May 2017
A disappointing day for both cars.
A disappointing day for both cars.

Pictured: A disappointing day for both cars.

After some promising car speed yesterday, today wasn’t what we had hoped for.

We missed the qualifying set up window which put us right back in the pack, with JC starting in 20th, and Scotty in 28th.

That meant we were in the mess for the 200km race.

Both cars had their moments of being caught up in chaos as cars went left right and centre, but overall, we struggled for outright pace.

The two-stop race allowed for a few different strategies to play out, with Scott stopping on lap 1 to get clear air, and James running a 32-lap middle stint to have fresher tyres in the closing stage.

A late safety car bunched the pack up, and on the restart both cars found themselves off the track momentarily, letting a few places slip by.

We now have a three-weekend break before we go to Darwin.

Time to take a breath, look at the data, and knuckle down to find some more speed.

Mathew Nilsson – Acting General Manager of Motorsport

“Clearly another tough weekend for the team, and not one we wanted.

“Qualifying pace is a struggle for us at the moment, which puts us back in the pack, making it more difficult to come through.

“JC showed promise yesterday, we made some slight changes but not enough, and the car didn’t feel the way it did yesterday.

“We are going to go back tomorrow and go straight into debrief. We’ve got a little break now before Darwin, so we will focus on the things we need to, to try and find more pace in this car.

“The guys are passionate, we want to get a result, and everyone is really strong together.

“Thanks again for your support. See you in Darwin.”