The Debrief: Fullwood Shines at Michigan

Published: 04 June 2020
Photo by Daniel Kalisz.
Photo by Daniel Kalisz.

Pictured: Photo by Daniel Kalisz.

We went oval racing for the penultimate round of the All Stars Eseries, as Michigan hosted three races across the evening.

Next week, we close the Eseries off in style before we head back to on-track racing at Sydney Motorsport Park on June 27.

Race 1

Bryce 7th, Chaz 12th

After a 10-minute qualifying session, followed by a qualifying race that set each row, Chaz started Race 1 from sixth, and Bryce was right behind him in eighth.

The Mobil 1 Appliances Online No. 25 must have had a target on it in the opening stages, as Chaz found himself looking at the sky not once, but twice in consecutive laps.

Bryce, however, was one to watch. Despite losing a little time in pit lane, he was one of the fastest cars on track, especially on old tyres.

Fullwood was one of eight cars all with a chance to win on the final lap, and while the rub of the green didn’t go his way through the final two-corners, it was a solid result.

Despite being down in 25th at one stage, Chaz carved his way back through the field to bank a solid amount of points.

Race 2

Bryce 2nd, Chaz 8th

Bryce showed why he was the talk of the town with his oval speed coming into the event, with one of the drives of the year. Despite starting in 25th in the reverse grid format, he raced his way through to the lead by lap-15.

He and Shane van Gisbergen duked it out for the rest of the race, with Bryce crossing the line just behind the winner.

Everything that could happen to Chaz, did across the 25-laps, but he kept his cool, and avoided the late carnage to move into the top-10.

Race 3

Chaz 4th, Bryce 20th

Not the finish to the night we were after, with Bryce copping a 40-second penalty for speeding in pit lane. Before that, he was battling for the lead, and looked like the man to beat.

Chaz coasted across the line after running out of fuel on the last lap, but a post-race penalty for contact with Anton de Pasquale might drop him further down the order once finalised.

Bryce Fullwood

“That was a lot of fun, and it’s always nice to get some good results.

“It was great to have the Mobil 1 Middy’s Racing No. 2 fighting for the lead across the night, thought I had it there in the second race but Shane put his car in the right spot at the end.

“Looking forward to having to finishing off on a high next week.”

Chaz Mostert

“The first two races were pretty much carnage for us, but we recovered well and salvaged a few good results which was good.

“We went pretty aggressive on fuel in the last one, and I made a misjudgement on the space with Anton, so sorry to him for that, I was dirty on myself for that one.

“Looking forward to next week, and then getting back into the real stuff.”